Att köpa en fastighet i Mallorca innebär betalning av skatter.
Vissa av dem kommer att betalas en gång, men andra årligen.

Som du kanske vet, talar jag inte svenska. Så jag fortsätter på engelska


When you buy a property in Mallorca, taxability depends of the price but also on whether the property is new or is used

NEW PROPERTY. So, vendors it’s a promoter. In this case you will get an invoice from vendor will 10% VAT. On top of this you have to pay also 1.2% «Actos Juridicos Documentados» (Stampt Dutty Tax)

USED PROPERTY. So, vendor it’s a particular. The day you buy the property you pay no taxes, but then you have 30 days to pay Transmission Tax

This tax, called «Impuesto de Trasnmisiones Patrimoniales» it’s progressive and you pay by blocks.

  • For first one from 1 to 400.000 euros, you pay 8%
  • For second one from 400.001 to 600.000 you pay 9%
  • From third one from 600.001 to 1M you pay 10%
  • From fourth one up to 1M you pay 11%


Once you become owner you are gonna pay annual taxes

IBI TAX. This is the property tax and depends of the value of the property. From 100 to 2000 euros per year

GARBAGE TAX. Every municipality gets a tax for garbage collection. 100 to 250 euros per year

INCINERATION RATE. Most of the municipalities include it on the garbage tax but some of them may not

211 MODEL When you own a property and you get incomes, let’s say you rent it out, then you pay taxes on it. But also if you don’t rent it out you have to make the 211 model an pay a small amount regarding the profit you get yourself.

WEALTH TAX. This tax it’s paid only if your assets are more than 700.000 euros. The amount it’s progressive. Rate goes from 0,2% to 2,5%